Thursday, November 29, 2012


I am happy to announce that the City of Providence 
has chosen me to be one of the representatives of 
the city wide "BUY ART" campaign this year!

(Me and the Mayor!?)

It is a campaign that hopes to alert the locals to all the wonderful art that is being produced, and is often available for purchase!

At various stores around town, (that sell original art pieces and products), these promotional pins will be available, with a piece of my art featured!

There is also a SHOW of the Original Art from all five pins, 
(a very cool little store if you haven't been yet!)

The piece they chose for my pin is a diorama I built from the abandoned set pieces of a stop-motion animation I made called CORNELIUS AND THE SEA

If you are interested, 
here are some process pieces in the creation of that diorama...

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